SCORE Innovation Challenge Workshop

3rd May, 2017

Offshore energy leaders are keen to pick the brains of companies to help solve underwater challenges facing the growing offshore wind industry in East Anglia.

The first of a series of sessions tackling subsea issues – ranging from corrosion and tidal scour at turbine towers to keeping seals away from piling work – will be held on Wednesday May 3rd.

Organisers are keen to get input and ideas from companies who can help find solutions with support from industry experts including the influential national Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult team.

The day is the first of a series of workshops over the next two years covering six topics:

  • Foundations cost reduction
  • Thermal spray anti-corrosion coating for jackets
  • Impressed Current Catholidic Protection (ICCP) to control corrosion
  • Scour monitoring and protection
  • Offshore jacket cleaning
  • Deterring marine mammals (seals) from piling work

For more information and registration follow the link below: