Subsea Simulation and Modelling Community

23 August 2017

Subsea UK Office, 30 Abercrombie Court, Westhill, AB32 6FE

As this community is still forming, it is proposed to see if we can agree the themes of the terms of reference and thereafter some SMART objectives for the community to progress.

The National Subsea Research Initiative (NSRI) would like to bring together a collaborative group of users of Subsea simulation and modelling software where the group can discuss aspects of common interest. We are proposing to host a meeting to test the appetite of a subsea user group specifically relating to FEA, CFD and multi‑physics simulation. We intend to investigate the make-up, the form and function that the users’ group might take. Subsea users may work in the following industrial sectors; Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Wave and Tidal energy generation; Defence, Subsea mining, and Marine science

10:00 - 13:00, Subsea UK Board Room

10:00 Introductions & Welcome; Dr. Gordon Drummond, NSRI, Project Director

10:10 Review of previous actions - All

10:30 Discussion; Addressing this month’s theme -  Credibility, Gordon Drummond, 

Open Dialogue with participants.  

·         Review our 3 or 4 objectives

·         What’s the shortfall?

·         What can be done to address the shortfall?

·         Do we need a micro group to work the issue?

·         Whose doing what, by when. 

11:50 AOB

Includes review of agenda, format, membership and future months, presenters, invitees etc

12:00 Ends, Lunch, Networking  

Register for the event online.