NSRI Event to Support Developers in getting Subsea Technology Off the Ground

The National Subsea Research Initiative (NSRI) is hosting an event on 23rd September to help connect UK subsea technology developers with end-users and funding sources in a bid to get new subsea technology off the ground.

The morning session will focus on the developer community, featuring a series of presentations outlining available resources and the support organisations which can provide assistance with research and development, tax, funding and patenting.

NSRI will then invite twelve innovative companies to present a ten-minute "Dragons Den” style pitch on how their product or service will address the immediate and future needs of the oil and gas industry.

The event will welcome speakers from more than 15 companies including Santander, Simmons & Company, Brodies Solicitors, Nautronix and Ecosse Subsea Systems to provide an insight into technology that has been successfully developed and commercialised. They will also unveil near-to-market offerings to demonstrate technology which is industry-ready but not yet proven.

Working closely with Subsea UK, NSRI is the focal point for subsea research and development, bringing together industry, developers and academia to collaborate effectively to fast-track the introduction of new technology which will unlock the challenges facing North Sea fields and help the UK maintain its global position.

NSRI deals with R&D at all stages, from initial concept through to market readiness but, in the current climate, NSRI is focused on those technologies which are nearest to market.

Gordon Drummond, project director of NSRI said: "We hope this event will help to identify the most relevant contacts and collaborations needed to progress the development of new technology and techniques.

"Our research and development efforts must be aligned with the current market environment. If we stop investing in new solutions, processes and technologies, it will become even harder to deliver the improvements and savings the industry really needs.

"We need to focus on breakthrough technology that will change how we work for the better. We need solutions that will make more fields viable, boost profitability and secure a sustainable long-term future for our industry.

"By bringing the developers and the industry together to collaborate, we can get technology to market much more quickly.”

NSRI’s Support for the Developer Community event will take place on Wednesday 23rd September at Village Hotel, Prime Four, Kingswells, Aberdeen. Those wishing to attend can book their place online here.