ECOSSE Subsea Systems

January 2018

ECOSSE Subsea Systems


Today’s World – Redefine the service delivery to meet the expectations of the market place with respect to safety, efficiency, innovation and ultimately cost.

ESS is rising to this challenge within the trenching market with the introduction of SCARJet - the latest innovative addition to complement ESS's existing suite of successful and field-proven SCAR Seabed technologies.

SCARJet has been designed, built and will be delivered to the market in Q4 2017 incorporating the next evolutionary step change in jet trenching technology.
The SCARJet innovation incorporates a unique ESS-developed water jetting
technology (patent pending), which reduces the overall vehicle power requirements, increases jetting process efficiency and reduces the environmental impact of jet trenching operations beyond that currently available on the market today.

The SCARJet vehicle is of a modular robust tracked design, incorporating a surface fed water delivery systems for the primary and secondary burial tooling arrangement, as well as using an innovative approach to generating low pressure (LP) backwash water from the high pressure (HP) water supply system. The vehicle has been primarily designed to complement the existing suite of SCAR technologies by having the unique capability of being able to track and jet trench within a plough formed trench, this has a multitude of operational advantages. SCARJet can also be utilised in a traditional tracked jet trenching mode on uncut seabed, therefore providing a unique offering to the market.

The vehicle will be provisioned with 2m and 3m length main jetting swords incorporating high pressure (HP) and low pressure (LP) water delivery systems, a jetting stinger arrangement for product positioning and an energy optimising water containment system to improve jetting efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of jet trenching.

Basic control and motive power is provided for by a WROV docking interface, compatible with the most widely used WROV systems in service today.

Logistically, the SCARJet system has been designed for compatibility with simple launch and recovery systems and procedures, such that multi-purpose AHTs can be utilised without the need for large construction vessels which would be typical of modern day jet trenching systems. This allows for rapid project mobilisation / demobilisation and overall reduction in project costs.

In summary, the SCARJet system offers a new value-generating alternative trenching solution for the offshore renewables and oil and gas sectors.