February 2018


Pipetech is an independent pipe and process cleaning solutions specialist, focused on solving costly flow and blockage problems in the upstream and downstream sectors. Over the last 20 years our experienced team has delivered over 500 successful engineered cleaning solutions on 50 international oil and gas platforms. Our heritage has allowed us to learn from each project, applying unique process cleaning solutions to the subsea environment.

Introducing the DWCS

In response to a scale blockage in a subsea water injection manifold 380 meters beneath a floating production asset in the Norwegian Sector, Pipetech was engaged to take its topside process system cleaning expertise and design a unique solution for subsea infrastructure. The Deep Water Cleaning System (DWCS) was born, enabling Pipetech to complete cleaning operations in subsea manifolds, trees and pipelines in a fraction of the time it normally takes with conventional methods.

We have since gone on to use the system to clear blockages in a subsea pipeline in the UK sector of the North Sea which saw us deliver the system to the seabed from a vessel.

The DWCS Specification

• High pressure pump, providing 1000bar at 200ltr per min high pressure water, ATEX Zone 2
• Specially designed hose, with feed reel
• Workshop container for accessories
• Deep Water Cleaning System (DWCS)
• Customized entry flange
• ROV operated Subsea Dredge


The DWCS frame is designed according to DNV 2.7-3, TR1231 and DNV-RP-H103. A single point with a 12t shackle allowing for deployment from moonpool or deck.

DWCS Learning and Development

The initial projects have been successful with significant learnings, resulting in a complete system review addressing the project learning and improvements. As a result, Pipetech now have the designs for a new Hose Control Module, an internal subsea HPU and a new Tool Control Unit acting as the ‘brain’ for the new systems. Also, a new Topside Control interface for more operator data and enhanced control.


 Subsea Pipeline, Manifold and Tree cleaning:
• A unique, effective and patented subsea process system cleaning solution
• Fast mobilsation and deployment from vessel, rig or platform.
• Removes any blockages from wax to the toughest scale, maximising flow and reducing costs.

Typical subsea applications:
• Pipeline – wax, scale and pig removal
• Manifold cleaning – wax and scale
• Tree cleaning – wax and scale

• 2 projects completed to date (pipeline and manifold)
• Currently looking at a range of issues for subsea clients
• Looking to progress with the improvements to the system.