April 2017

RotoMotoR 3 Dimensional Pump Technology

RotoMotoЯ Technology is a world first in 3D pumps. 

A unique and patented pump design incorporates six rotors to simultaneously drive the mechanism and capture fluid.

The pump is fully reversible and can be fitted with multiple inlet/outlet options. The compact spherical configuration enables higher pumping densities reducing the pump size and weight. 

The unit can be configured in many ways to provide the optimum design for your needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Flow rates up to four times greater than centrifugal pumps of the same size. 
  • Higher pressures than centrifugal pumps.
  • Positive displacement mechanism running at centrifugal pump speeds.
  • High levels of reliability and durability.
  • Multiple exhaust configurations.
  • Fully reversible.
  • No reciprocating parts.
  • Perfectly balanced high speed interlocking rotary pump.
  • Proven performance after extensive testing.
  • Excellent power efficiency.
  • Fully scalable - capacity increases as a cube of diameter.
  • Multispeed pump.
  • Housed or open configurations available.
  • Wide range of material options to suit environment.
  • Test result witnessed and confirmed by certifying authority.
  • Patent box applicable product attracting 50% discount on uk corporation tax.
  • Rotomotor ltd has developed technology with the assistance of an eu product development grant.

RotoMotoR – 150 Specification
Rotor External Diameter150mm
Housing Diameter250mm
RPM (UP TO)5000
Flow Rate (@ 3000 RPM)2000lt/min
Pressure (@ 3000 RPM)4 bar
RotoMotoR – 125 Specification
Rotor External Diameter125mm
Housing Diameter200mm
RPM (UP TO)5000
Flow Rate (@ 3000 RPM)1246lt/min
Pressure (@ 3000 RPM)3 bar


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