Seatronics & 2G Robotics

August 2017

Dynamic 3D Laser Scanning

Underwater laser scanning is a technology that is increasingly being used for asset integrity management. This innovative technology provides accurate, precise, and cost-efficient improvements for subsea survey, inspection, and engineering operations. The high density true-scale 3D point cloud data generated by underwater laser scanners equips engineers with the accuracy needed to comprehensively assess subsea assets, develop effective design and repair solutions, and make informed decisions. In terms of efficiency, with laser systems the signal between transmitter and receiver is instantaneously received, avoiding signal lag issues commonly experienced with acoustic inspections. 2G Robotics’ ULS-500 PRO underwater laser scanner has been specifically developed for dynamic scanning with a focus on AUV, ROV, and subsea vehicle integrations; high sample rates; timing synchronization; and continuous data acquisition for faster, more efficient inspections. With the ULS-500 PRO, data is captured and available for viewing in real-time, providing quality assurance and reducing the potential need, inefficiency, and cost of having to resurvey.


The ULS-500 PRO improves upon 2G Robotics’ proven dynamic underwater laser scanning solution by increasing the ease with which surveys and inspections can be performed. The ULS-500 PRO boasts industry leading sample rates facilitating faster vehicle speeds while providing higher density point clouds. The system’s higher sensitivity sensor provides more accurate data capture and has achieved results up to 20m in range. Additionally, the ULS-500 PRO comes standard with a 4000m depth.


The addition of the SeaShot Imager Stills Camera and the SeaShot LED provides synchronized laser and stills camera operation for an even higher degree of detail during survey campaigns.

The SeaShot Imager enhances point cloud data with crisp, evenly illuminated 2048x2048 images at up to 12fps. The actively cooled CMOS sensor allows users to capture long range images with accurate PPS time tags and even illumination.

The SeaShot LED is the most compact 23000 lumen LED light on the market delivering an impressive 77 lumens per watt and allows professionals to capture gapless high frame rate laser data with interlaced stills images. A consistent power draw eliminates problematic power spikes and the unit features thermal protection and automatic temperature dimming as well.


The ULS-200 is designed for mid-range scans (0.25m to 2.5m range). With increased range and coverage compared to the ULS-100, the ULS-200 can easily be deployed in large pipes, tunnels, damaged structures and other underwater objects in order to obtain an accurate understanding of their condition.

ULS 200

ULS-200 - Ocean Atlantic Interior I-Tube


The ULS-100 is designed for short-range scans (0.13m to 1m range). The lightweight, compact design, and short range make the ULS-100 ideal for scanning in tight areas such as small pipes, tunnels, wells and other underwater assets in order to obtain an accurate understanding of their condition.