Vessel Technology

March 2017

Vessel Technology have developed two products that reduce operational cost, risk and time of Dynamic Positioning operations.

The DPSS® (Dynamic Positioning Signal Simulator) and the DPSS®Net are available.

Complex testing of Dynamic Positioning – DP systems is now made easy and quick without the user having in depth knowledge of the software needed to simulate these signals. Our products put the ability to easily simulate the signals into the hands of the user.

The DPSS® is an easy to use tool which allows vessel crew to simulate complex signals for use in DP system testing. The DPSS® aids crew to fault find with the DP system, allowing for the source of the fault to be pinpointed and potentially resolved by the crew. The DPSS® reduces the need for callouts to service engineers, reducing downtime and expense whilst increasing the confidence of the crew.

The DPSS®Net is a tool designed to allow the vessel crew to carry out network storm tests. The DPSS®Net makes it quick and easy to conduct network storm tests on your DP system or other control systems. It does this by generating relevant packets of data to swamp the hardware under test. The DPSS®Net is customised to meet the needs and requirements of each vessel and updates can be provided remotely.


  • Fault finding tool
  • FMEA proving trials and annual trials
  • DP training tool
  • Independent communication storm testing