Mining Capability Statement

UK Subsea Mining Capability Statement

At present the barriers to commercialisation of subsea mining are: technological, environmental, economic and regulatory.  Scarcity of some minerals coupled with increasing usage is quickly driving the supply and demand curves to a price point where subsea mineral mining is becoming feasible. Equally, the greater abundance of the deposits available in the oceans as compared to land based deposits is driving progress towards opening up this industry. With depleting land resources the efficiency of conventional land based mining is lessening resulting in greater waste production and greater energy usage to achieve less. 
Lack of experience with subsea mining means that to date no unifying standards exist for environmental impact assessments and seabed monitoring and thus it is difficult to attain consensus on what is acceptable.  The lack of the legislative framework is presenting a barrier to the advancement in to the industry’s commercialisation phase. 

The purpose of this statement is to demonstrate the capabilities of the UK supply chain in subsea mining and showcase technical innovations and ongoing cutting edge research. 

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