Subsea Storage And Off Loading

Subsea Storage And Offloading Solutions For Small Pool Development: Technical Feasibility And Economic Success

Konstantinos Syrimis

University of Aberdeen

MSc Subsea Engineering 

There are estimated up to 24 bboe still in the North Sea but located largely in remote areas and in smaller accumulations. Operators are used to larger fields, near to existing infrastructure and not to this kind of field development. Some of these small pools are stranded and will require novel standalone technology to become economical and therefore attractive to investments.

This research follows on from previous academic research on small pools initiated by the National Subsea Research Initiative (NSRI) and is focused on the subsea storage and offloading to the point of sale part.

Different options are evaluated using modern deterministic and stochastic software tools to identify the optimum solutions based on  technical feasibility and economic success.

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