About NSRI

What is the NSRI?

The National Subsea Research Initiative (NSRI) is the research arm of Subsea UK. It has been set up to bring academia and industry together to collaborate on getting technology to market much more quickly. The NSRI aims to be the focal point for the co-ordination of research and development activities for the UK’s subsea sector.

How is it Different?

The NSRI is different because it has an expert committee with no affiliation to any university or research centre. The NSRI is therefore able to direct those seeking technical expertise to the best source of that expertise.

The NSRI is industry-led and industry-driven. This means that research and development activities are focused on solving real global challenges, identified by industry.

Working with subject matter experts, the NSRI drives targeted development along a technology road map, addressing the gaps. This is a precise and directed approach and is different from other industry-led methodologies, whereby industry proposes an idea and researchers uptake that in the hope there is an ultimate market for it.

Why do we need it?

The UK's subsea sector is a huge success with an enviable position as world leaders with over one third of the global market. However, competition from other regions is increasing. In particular Norway and Brazil are investing heavily in subsea R&D.

The NSRI has been established to strengthen the UK's position and further grow our market share, ensuring that we have a sustainable industry even beyond the life of the UKCS. We must maintain our reputation for safety, quality and reliability with new capability to meet the future needs and aspirations of industry.


The NSRI was established in 2014 with an initial remit of implementing the actions of the small pools theme to enable Maximum Economic Recover in the UK Continental Shelf. A number of Hackathon events were held across the UK to establish the subsea technological needs of the Oil and Gas industry, with these being used to frame the "NSRI Matchmaker".

In 2016 the NSRI expanded its focus to incorporate Offshore Wind and Subsea Mining into "NSRI Matchmaker".


The NSRI has the ultimate goal of increasing the level of academic and industrial collaboration to support greater levels of technology development. This will sustain and grow the UK's leading position in subsea expertise, products and services.


The NSRI will achieve this by facilitating introductions through "NSRI Matchmaker", hosting events to increase awareness of the sector's technological requirements and lobbying government and industry to make greater funding available for technology development.

The NSRI will act as the focal point for subsea research, being the first port of call for government, industry and academia when seeking assurance on the appropriateness of research activity.

In the longer term NSRI may look to direct and fund strategic research and development programmes that will drive the subsea industry forward.


The NSRI operates in these areas of subsea:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Offshore Wind
  • Subsea Mining
  • Wave and Tidal
  • Defence
  • Ocean Science

The NSRI operates across various levels of technology readiness. Predominately operating at to proof of concept through to commercial implementation, NSRI will help at any stage where we can add value to the process.