Subsea Expo: Tackling the UKCS' Small Pools

According to a recent study by the UK’s Technology Leadership Board, there are 210 "small pools” of hydrocarbons (those containing less than 15 MMboe).

While recognised, these pools, containing 1.5 billion boe in total, remain undeveloped, due to their distance to existing infrastructure, their reservoir complexity or they are uneconomic because of their size.

A bid is underway to tap these resources, with Dr Gordon Drummond, project director of the National Subsea Research Initiative (NSRI), at its helm.

On the opening day of Subsea Expo next week (February 3-5, Aberdeen), he will be discussing the opportunities and challenges. OE got a chat with Dr Drummond ahead of the event. OE is the principal media sponsor for Subsea Expo.

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